Workshop: Supporting Education Through Community Engagement

Supporting Education Through
Community Engagement

90 Minute Workshop ♦ Facilitator: Sienna Wildfield

Sienna Wildfield. [Photo credit: (cc) TEDxShelburneFalls]

In June 2014, Hilltown Families Founder, Sienna Wildfield, facilitated a 90 minute workshop, Supporting Education Through Community Engagement, at the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) 25th Anniversary Conference at Long Island University in New York. This workshop was geared towards community members and professionals interested in learning how to best utilize their communities as a resource for supporting the interests and education of children.  Through examples of how Sienna accomplishes this goal for families in western Massachusetts through Hilltown Families, she led workshop participants through two exercises that looked creatively at where people live and ways they can find and make connections between engagement and learning in their communities.

Jen Mendez from Permie Kids was in the audience that day and has collaborated with Hilltown Families by sharing Sienna’s workshop as part of her podcast. Jen has also created a video representation of the second part of the workshop, featuring a tool (Community Engagement Logic Map) created by Sienna to help community members make connections between interests, opportunities and resources (or lack of) found in their region.

Workshop, Part 1: Identifying My Community

Workshop, Part 2: Making Community Connections

View Video:

Or Listen to Podcast:

Completed CELM’s are asked to be submitted to, along with a narrative of your process, for inclusion consideration in upcoming written and narrative projects that support the development of education through community engagement.

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CONSULTING/WORKSHOPS:  If you would like to have Sienna Wildfield work with your community, she is available as both a consultant and workshop facilitator. Email your inquiry to To learn more about the work of Sienna Wildfield, see this TEDx Talk to hear her story behind the vision and mission of Hilltown Families.

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