Stand out with our new Video Featured Ad advertising option!

New video option for 2022 gives Hilltown Families advertisers the opportunity to tell their stories and engage our readers & subscribers!

Video Featured Ad

We’re excited to offer our advertisers the option of adding their video to their Featured Ads in 2022! Studies have shown that video can be a powerful marketing tool, allowing schools, non-profit organizations, and local businesses the opportunity to tell their stories creatively. Video engages prospective parents and new and existing customers by capturing their attention, making an emotional connection, increasing perceived value, and supporting visual and verbal communication methods.

  • Top Placement
  • Increased Marketing Value
    • Supports Multiple Communication Methods
    • Engaging & Entertaining
    • Emotional Connection
    • Builds Trust

Video Featured Ads appears on our award-winning website and in our weekly eNewsletter. Video Featured Ads allow our readers to view videos and read text simultaneously. Here is an example of how Video Featured Ads appear on our website:

Four Rivers Charter Public School in Greenfield, MA, is accepting applications. Prospective families can attend a Virtual Open House this Saturday, February 6, 2021 at 10am. Four Rivers is a small Expeditionary Learning school for grades 7-12, dedicated to educating young people for lives of learning and service. Four Rivers offers a rigorous college preparatory program aligned with the MA curriculum frameworks and emphasizes character development for moral and social responsibility. Students connect learning to the real world, work hard, and develop the independence and thinking skills needed in college and beyond.For more info & Zoom link, visit

This format is mirrored in our weekly eNewsletter. When our eNewsletter subscribers select to view a video within our eNewsletter, a new window will open up for our readers view pleasure.

In both cases, videos are paired with descriptive text that allows for embedded links and email contact.

Make sure you hit the “submit” button above! You should then see a confirmation of your submitted information. After submitting, we will follow up promptly with a confirmation, invoice/marketing plan, and a link to pay securely online. Please feel encouraged to confirm below if you do not see an automatic confirmation after submitting.

Hilltown Families reserves the absolute right to refuse to accept advertising from any person, company, or organization for any reason.

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