Hilltown Families


Animals are a common interest among children. Whether they’re in love with cats of all shapes and sizes or fascinated by the destructive power of a shark’s jaws, children can learn a lot through having an interest in creatures. In utilizing the numerous animal-related community-based learning resources available locally, families can support children of all ages in learning about everything from biological classification to compassion. Summer opens up these opportunities and is the perfect time to seek out animal demonstrations, visit the zoo, or learn about biology through volunteering at a shelter.

A common theme throughout childhood, animals are part fascinating and part learning opportunity – and the best way to learn about them is by seeing them in real life. No need to travel around the globe to see interesting specimens – local community-based resources here in western Massachusetts present families with a wide array of animal-related adventures and offer lots of ways to learn about all sorts of creatures. No matter a child’s age or interest, local zoos, museums, aquariums, and farms can teach about everything from habitat and adaptations to biological classification and husbandry.

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