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Writing is a hobby which can help kids and adults in many areas of life including academics, careers, and even relationships. In general, being able to write clearly helps people work through their own thoughts and express their emotions. Writing fiction in particular can build a stronger sense of empathy. In 2013, researchers at The New School in New York City found that reading fiction helped people perform better on tests of their ability to understand what others were thinking or feeling. Writing fiction requires a similarly empathetic process of deciding what characters feel and how those feelings lead to actions. This summer, the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsfield is encouraging children and young adults to foster their creative and expressive abilities through a short story writing contest this summer!

For the 5th summer in a row, the New York Times is offering an additional way for teens to learn and grow through summer reading; however, instead of focusing on major literary works, the program uses the Times’ own content as “required” reading. Open to students ages 13-19, the contest is a great way to stimulate teen intellectual curiosity through current affairs…

Three Wishes Writing Contest If your child had three wishes, what would their wishes be and where would they take them?  The Odyssey Bookshop’s annual children’s creative writing contest’s theme this year is “Wishes” – kids ages 5-11 years old can enter by writing a story or essay addressing their three wishes. The contest’s goal is to get kids to practice writing creatively and to learn to articulate their thoughts and express… Read More

Listen to a Life An Intergenerational Writing/Interviewing Project A loss of information and experiences between generations is accepted as relatively normal within American culture- but as each generation misses out on learning about those before them, valuable lessons and stories are lost.  In order to encourage learning from older community members, kids can participate in a unique intergenerational  interview and writing project, the Listen to a Life Contest! The Listen to a… Read More

Nancy Ann Foley, of Western MassCOSH in Springfield, MA shares the following summer fiction writing  contest, open to any young person ages 9 through 16: If only there had been more… The Western Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health is sponsoring a summer fiction contest (short story) for young people ages 9 through 16. Top prize is $100. Deadline for entries is Friday, August 14, 2009. Each short story will begin… Read More

Be Kind to Animals Week The Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society & The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art present Be Kind to Animals Week Writing and Art Contest, for kids in grades K-6th, in celebration of Be Kind to Animals Week (Week of May 4-10, 2008). Click on the above poster to read the contest rules. Entry Deadline: Friday, April 18, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. All contestants will be honored… Read More

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