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Williams College invites community to experience the Human Library! The Human Library is designed to spark dialogue, reduce prejudices, and encourage understanding and uncomfortable learning. Typically organized by municipal libraries, the project has an international community that includes Australia, Lithuania, Spain, and Turkey. The Human Library was conceived more than a decade ago in Copenhagen, Denmark, by a self-initiated, non-governmental youth movement called “Stop the Violence.”

Founded in 2001 in Denmark to promote human rights and social cohesion, the human library project seeks to create greater understanding between people and provide a safe space where we can learn more about each other and work through stereotypes and discrimination present in our community in order to ultimately to forge new connections between people. Williams College invites all members of the community to experience the Human Library this Friday and Saturday in Williamstown, MA…

Williams College Invites Community to Experience the Human Library on February 10 & 11, 2012 The idea of checking a person out from a library sounds like it came out of a futuristic science fiction novel.  In reality, it’s actually part of Williams College’s Human Library event in Williamstown, MA!  Instead of a traditional library where books and checked out and read, the human library is full of people who can be… Read More

Four Western MA College’s Host National Girls and Women in Sports Day Title IX, the law that made sex-based discrimination in school sports illegal, turns 40 this year!  Young women can celebrate their equality by participating in National Girls and Women in Sports Day at a local Western MA college campus!  The national event takes place on February 1st, but local colleges are hosting their own special days in the weeks before… Read More

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