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What does an eagle feed its young? How do mother bats find their babies in a cave? Using imaginative role-play and hands-on activities, families and children ages 3 through 8 will answer these questions while exploring the hidden habitats and secret lives of forest animals at the Springfield Science Museum’s newest exhibit, “Animal Secrets.” See the world from an eagle’s point-of-view and gather food for the winter with a chipmunk family, all while discovering Animal Secrets!

Camping is the great American tradition where families bond, away from the distractions of daily technologies; and where they can drink in nature, unleashing the explorer within. Camping breeds a love for nature and bolsters an environmental consciousness and is fundamentally a great community-based learning experience for kids.

Every late June, a collective effort to get everyone camping outdoors (even in their backyard) is being promoted by National Wildlife Federation in order to raise funds for conservation. You can go camping anytime of course, so read on learn about the Great American Backyard Campout!

With camera in hand, families can be empowered as citizen scientists, capturing images of critters in their local environment and sharing them through WildObs. WildObs is an online wildlife sightings community that helps scientists with data and families in discovery of wildlife in various habitats, including their own!

We’re Wild for Wildlife! Kids love animals—real ones, stuffed ones, it doesn’t matter. My son, Ivan, has two animal favorites right now: the Discovery Kids Smart Animals Scanopedia (he loves the sound of the turkey gobbling) and Birdie’s CD The Wild World of Wildlife. Oh, and his kitten, Murray, of course! Birdie’s CD is a fun collection of songs all about animals, from reptiles to mammals, fish to birds. Most of the songs will teach… Read More

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