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The thrill of the hunt is fun! Angie found this when searching for violets to come up with a remedy for a sick kid. The thrill of the discovery in the form of a house for sale with a wild lawn is even greater still! Introducing natural remedies to your children is a fantastic way to engage kids on with background on the providing power of Mother Nature, while getting them better.

Violets You know it’s spring in New England when it snows on Memorial Day weekend, right? As my family made a journey to New Hampshire for this three day weekend, a part of me was sure the odd weather was a blatant sign of the Earth being out of whack… but I was glad there were still spring buds and flowers to enjoy at our vacation destination. Back home in western Massachusetts,… Read More

QUESTION AND ANSWERS With school in session and the colder months upon us, colds and flu are common ailments. What are some of your tried-and-true home remedies for beating & treating your kids sniffles and fevers? Christa Pylant suggests, “I’ve been supplementing my daughter and I with Vitamin D from fall to spring for two years now and have both been sick only once each year. I’m sold!” Melissa Adams suggests, “Sleep!”… Read More

Running on Empty He runs—five to ten miles per day with his cross country team. He jumps-before and after cross country practice-on a super charged pogo stick. He flips-on a trampoline before sunrise and way after sunset. He skates, scats skedaddles—up and down the street and around the block on a skate board, on a long board, on a bike, on two feet. He never stops; not even to fuel all that… Read More

100 Links (February 2010/March 2010) Nearly every day I add recommended links to the Hilltown Families bank of on-line resources.  Some of you might find these links well suited for your family, others, maybe not so much.  But it’s a fun and useful list worth perusing!  If you have a link you’d like to share, post it in our comment box. Where are these links? You won’t find them on your blog… Read More

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