Hilltown Families


The best memories I try to create with my daughter are often made out of delight in silly, simple things, often times creating our most precious moments together. A detour from the ordinary to see the stars can create an everlasting memory. Seasonal traditions can create a closeness that seal the ties and binds a family together. I’ve shared here some of the things that we do in my family. I hope that you may find inspiration in creating even better ways for your family to create your own seasonal traditions. Little traditions can help our children to remember “home” a little more fondly because of ordinary days made holy by the sacrament of loving.

The other event we look forward to in November is the Hartsbrook Winter Fair at our local Waldorf school. They put on a sweet experience for the kids with a bonfire, Winter Fairies, Old Man Winter and the Pocket Lady. My daughter talks about the Pocket Lady all year. She wears a scarlet red cloak lined with magical pockets.

This DELICIOUS book has 100 ideas that include songs, crafts, poetry, recipes and more.

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