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Get involved! Service -Learning Opportunities in Western MA How better to participate and learn through your community than a service-learning project? Service-learning projects can help youth connect with others while learning about their world. Since just about anything can be a learning experience, this list will include both opportunities where the learning is obvious, along with opportunities where the learning is more subtle. While there are lots of “Projects,” and opportunities for… Read More

Status Updates: Community Service Connections Here are 10 ways families and teens can support their community and others post Hurricane Sandy and leading up to the holidays.  All of these suggestions were posted to the Hilltown Families Facebook page over the past week.  We offer daily updates and announcements on our Facebook page for families living throughout Western MA! If you haven’t already, be sure you not only “Like” our page, but… Read More

Post-Irene Updates While not an extensive list, the follow updates have been provide to share information we are receiving:

The Goal is Zero-Waste at the Hilltown Spring Festival Efforts are under way to move the Hilltown Spring Festival closer to its goal of becoming a zero-waste event. This week, Eric Weiss of the Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative (HRMC), which handles recycling at the festival, will be talking with students at Wahconah Regional High School about how recycling and composting are a key part of the sustainability equation. He’ll also be recruiting… Read More

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