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Examining the world from a “what if” perspective, AlternateHistoryHub is filled with videos considering what the world would be like if important historical events had either not taken place or had a different outcome. Challenging viewers to think about the role that events have in shaping all that follows, the YouTube channel is filled with fascinating videos that can be used for formal learning – or for fun.

Hurricane Sandy and Halloween Offer Learning Opportunities Online Hurricane Sandy might have schools closed while we await her arrival, but the learning can continue at home (so long as you have power!). Check out these online resources to brush up on math, chemistry, physiology, language arts and world & local history: MATH After you’ve battening down the shutters and have prepared your home & family for Hurricane Sandy (and still have power),… Read More

Original Short Videos Aim to Fuel K-12 Students’ Interest in STEM Well-known education resource Khan Academy, a web site offering video-based learning to students, sparked a small revolution in the utilization of video in the classroom.  Videos, once reserved for rainy days or special activities, can now be an incredibly valuable educational resource.  Students are able to pace their own learning when using videos, as they can stop, repeat, and rewind as… Read More

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