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So much of our world is cluttered by commercialization. Hilltown Families strives to create more meaning with less. On Valley Gives Day your donation will help families reconnect to our environment while supporting the development of a sense-of-place.

Hilltown Families connects you with non-commercial ways to engage in your community that are based in community values rather than consumption. On Valley Gives Day make an impact by giving where local and non-commercial. http://www.bit.ly/WeAreHilltownFamilies

Looking for ways your family can act locally? Hilltown Families has a 10-year track record of partnering with community organizations on service learning events and volunteer activities throughout the region. On Valley Gives Day, your donation will help us help more people engage in their communities.

From food drives to field trips to youth volunteering, our network offers new ideas for ways families make a difference in their communities. On Valley Gives Day, your donation will help us help more people engage in their communities. http://www.bit.ly/WeAreHilltownFamilies

“We have wee little ones but it’s never too early to begin introducing them to STEM learning. We have found Hilltown Families to be a great resource for discovering opportunities for our little guys to learn about the amazing world all around them. It sparks their imagination, their curiosity and their respect for learning.” -Kristin, community member and volunteer.

​One of the best ways we can support a young child’s development of science­-based knowledge is through nature­-based creative­-free play. When you donate on Valley Gives Day you will inspire more citizen scientist opportunities. http://www.bit.ly/WeAreHilltownFamilies

“One of our favorite ways to use Hilltown Families is to find out what delicious happenings are going on all around us! Some of the best meals we’ve eaten since moving here last summer have been at community events – one of our family favorites being at the Kitchen Garden’s Chili Fest in Sunderland.” says community member, Kristin.

By donating on Valley Gives Day you can support intergenerational connections as we connect you to local community meals. http://www.bit.ly/WeAreHilltownFamilies

Our children’s imagination lives in the world of creativity free play. Hilltown Families believes that learning goes beyond curriculum and branches into the world of hands on discovery. On Valley Gives Day your donation will help more families get crafty with friends and neighbors. http://www.bit.ly/WeAreHilltownFamilies

At Hilltown Families, we believe in the power of learning that is shared between generations. On Valley Gives Day help strengthening intergenerational ties.

Our network offers a host of ideas for connecting youth and older adults through gardening, library story hours, arts and crafts, playgroups, nature walks, community meals—and more. On Valley Gives Day, please donate to help us build more relationships. http://www.bit.ly/WeAreHilltownFamilies

Each community is unique and enjoys learning opportunities that have evolved through local values. Hilltown Families encourages lifelong learners and families to connect to their unique communities in ways that matter to them. On Valley Gives Day, make an impact by giving where you’re living. http://www.bit.ly/WeAreHilltownFamilies

Collaborative consumption shifts the emphasis on ownership to one of access leading to an increased ability to live a sustainable life and create a sustainable community. On Valley Gives Day help us foster a culture of collaboration. http://bit.l/WeAreHilltownFamilies

Hilltown Families has spent 10 years helping our community practice random acts of kindness by connect families with opportunities to show they care. On Valley Gives Day, help us keep paying it forward with a donation to support community collaboration and kindness. http://www.bit.ly/WeAreHilltownFamilies

Hilltown Families is a great resource for finding learning opportunities for the entire family! A favorite event for learning through skillsharing is our farmers’ markets; in addition to supporting local agriculture and filling our cupboards with fresh food, it’s a great place to learn about the amazing skills within the community. On Valley Gives Day, Tuesday, May 3, 2016 your donation will help us connect more families to activities that promote skillsharing. http://www.bit.ly/WeAreHilltownFamilies

Hilltown Families believes in developing a sense-of-place in our children. We value nature-based learning opportunities that inspire us to connect to our natural environment. On Valley Gives Day on Tuesday, May 3, your donation will help us connect, collaborate, and create more of these nature-based opportunities! http://www.bit.ly/WeAreHilltownFamilies

This past Saturday, November 22nd, was the third Hilltown Families’ Family Community Service Event, a one of a kind event for families to volunteer together in a morning of community service! From teens to tots to grandparents, over 200 folks were able to generate 600 hours of community service at this intergenerational event for different non-profit and community organizations in our region that support education, children’s welfare, and human services.

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