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Rocknoceros joins us as our Guest DJ with a Songs About America Episode. The musical trio explore their record collections to find tunes that celebrate, illustrate, and even criticize the Land of the Free. Starting with the Chuck Berry-inspired rock ‘n roll of the 1950s, the selections quickly span the decades that followed and the various styles that continue to thrive today. Join in the fun as the band members discuss the people and places that help make American music what it is, with a few asides about lemonade stands and Irving Berlin.

For some, Memorial Day is a deeply personal holiday, a day for remembering those who have served the people of our country. Participating in Memorial Day celebrations and ceremonies can also be a form of placemaking, strengthening ties to community spaces and encouraging social interaction between generations. Memorial Day is also an opportunity to express gratitude and kindness through acts of appreciation and volunteer opportunities. Here are a few ideas to support your learning and acts of generosity through the lens of the seasons this Memorial Day.

In addition to enjoying an extended weekend, families can take advantage of upcoming community events to learn about and honor to legacy of Dr. Martin, Luther King, Jr. Ten special events – including walking tours, screenings, presentations, performances, and opportunities for community service – make up a full calendar of events supporting meaningful community-based learning.