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For 40 years the UMCA has been leading the way for art and art education, and their exciting exhibitions this fall showcase the talent of dynamic artist Chuck Close, as well as the insightful work of Anne Beresford.

It’s hard to believe it is almost here: June 21st, the longest day, the shortest night. Summer Solstice. That in itself means there is a lot to celebrate and enjoy. It’s a great opportunity also to connect to nature and to educate your child on this seasonal phenomenon. The wealth of history and science that rows behind Summer Solstice is fascinating, and the tone is always about celebrating nature at its most abundant. There are events in the area to mark the longest day, and also resources you can access to generate dialog with your family!

Four Western MA College’s Host National Girls and Women in Sports Day Title IX, the law that made sex-based discrimination in school sports illegal, turns 40 this year!  Young women can celebrate their equality by participating in National Girls and Women in Sports Day at a local Western MA college campus!  The national event takes place on February 1st, but local colleges are hosting their own special days in the weeks before… Read More

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