Hilltown Families


This month, our nature table focuses on an element of the fall season that, despite its usefulness in preparing families for winter, has waned significantly in popularity over the course of the past two generations: deer hunting.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Do you have one that your family has done since you were a kid? Do you have new ones you have created with your own kids? This month in “The Good Life: A Year of Thoughtful Seasons,” Sarah shares her thoughts on holiday traditions, both old and new, and how being able to pull a “tradition from your back pocket” can relieve disappointment and frustration when family and friends can’t fulfill their roles in the holiday pageantry…

Keeping Holiday Traditions Alive in the Berkshires Currently my living room looks as if Christmas threw up all over it. Boxes of old decorations, more stockings than we have family members and pets combined (and that includes the three fish, cat and new puppy, Murphy), tree ornaments, Christmas villages, holiday-themed books, empty cookie tins and more lay strewn on top of couches, countertops, hardwood floors and coffee tables making it difficult to… Read More

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