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The Asian Arts & Culture Program at the UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center opens its 20th Anniversary season with an outstanding event that speaks to transformation and healing of our planet and ourselves. The Fine Arts Center Concert Hall stage hosts Healing the Earth: the Tibetan Sand Mandala, a visual artwork exploding with color and design, created on by eleven Tibetan monks. With Tibet being one of the last ancient civilizations, teaching kids the history behind this ancient art form can supplement their global awareness of world civilizations and cultures…

Tony(a) Lemos of Ashfield writes: Hi everyone, Some of you may already know about Candle 4 Tibet who are organizing a light protest on August 7th, just prior to the opening day of the Bejiing Olympics in support of Freedom For Tibet. In support, here in Ashfield at Blazing Star Herbal School we are going to have our second fire circle this summer on August 7th from 7:30pm-9:30pm. Please bring a candle… Read More

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