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Want to learn how to dye wool with Kool-Aid or make a needle-felted fairy? Perhaps you’ve never seen sheep dogs in action or can’t tell a Cotswold from a Corriedale? Indulge your curiosities by attending the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair this Memorial Day weekend!

Learning to sew allows children is discover a new creative medium and can lead to studies of local history and local culture!

In the early spring, New England history and culture come alive with the arrival of newborn lambs and the shearing of sheep for the production of wool. The wool industry has strong ties to western Massachusetts, with annual events that celebrate our historical past and other events which showcase modern day shepherds and their flocks. Discover community events which take place this spring that are rich in learning opportunities!

Northampton Silk Threads: The China Connection Historic Northampton Museum & Education Center May 1st-31st, 2013 The remnants of the Pioneer Valley’s silk trade are still around – one can find the iconic Silk Mill, visit Silk City (Florence), and gaze up into the branches of mulberry trees all over Northampton. All of these things are representations of the city’s long-ago to silk production and the silk trade in China and Japan. During… Read More

Honor Your Woolies It is quite possible that you have on a wool sweater, right now! You might even buy sweaters from consignment shops to make cute little wool pants for your toddler. Thank goodness for sheep, farmers, and wool. We would all be colder without them. In the next few months, you might be able to put your woolies away until next winter. What better way to commemorate the event than… Read More

Wondering what to do with old clothing that is ripped, stained or otherwise unable to donate/wear? Melissa Weinberger of Easthampton writes, “I am about to throw a huge bag of old clothing into the garbage and wondering if there’s another way. We already use a lot of old t-shirts, etc. as rags, but this is stuff that seems headed for the landfill unless there’s another option.” Thanks to Riché for recommending the… Read More

Ashfield Needles and Threads Material Swap Sunday, January 22nd at 1pm Do you have bits and pieces of textiles left over from holiday craft projects that you’ll likely not use anytime soon, or tattered and torn clothes your kids have outgrown and you don’t want to see them thrown out?  Or are you a crafter in search of inspiration (or perhaps some new yarn or fabric) for your next project?  Ashfield Needles… Read More

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