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I Am Mother I am not a woman. I am not a scholar or someone with even a brain for that matter. I do not have feelings, or a master’s degree. I haven’t lived a long life or gathered wisdom. I do not have anything to offer the world except perhaps Chap Stick in the winter, and ice cream money in the summer. However, I AM a paycheck, backpack holder, note writer,… Read More

Volunteer Opportunity with Hilltown Families Want to get involved with Hilltown Families? Have an hour or two of time to volunteer? A few helping hands during the Hilltown Families Birthday Benefit Bash are needed on Sunday, April 10th (and a few before then). Sign up below and we’ll be in touch! Thank you for your support!

Bill Gates Would Make a Great Parent! I recently joined a blog network full of moms who write about their kids. Being new there and in order to find some connections, I started a discussion group called “Got Teens” for moms of adolescents. Pretty soon the moms started coming out of the wood work to join–mostly to commiserate with others about their teens. I have to admit at first it felt good… Read More

Runaway Cars or Runaway Thoughts? What is it about teenagers that make any rational parent turn into a suspicious, hand wringing, worry wart? And what is it about a group of teens… in a car… on a Saturday night… after 11 that makes a mom sit on the edge of her bed, bouncing a nervous knee, chewing her finger nails and imagining all kinds of mutilating scenarios and terrible trouble that adolescent… Read More

Mother Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said, “No More…” Well You Know The Rest! As a mother of two teen boys I know a lot of things that I never in the world thought I’d know.  For instance, I know that young athletes play 6 innings of baseball in Little League and I can recite the names of every Yankee player on the team including all the relief pitchers.  I know… Read More

YouthFilm 2011: Make your Movie The Northampton Arts Council is excited to present YouthFilm, the fifth annual showcase of cinematic talent from local children and teenagers. The deadline is January 6, 2011 — has been extended to January 17th. Kicking off their program at the Academy of Music Theatre on February 21, 2011 with the thirteenth annual international children’s film festival KidsBestFest, the week will culminate with a return to the Pioneer Valley… Read More

And Then They Grow Up…. Something happened this week in my home.  Something so rare I am afraid I may make other parents of teen boys jealous.  But then again, telling you about this rarity make give some of those same parents some hope for the future.  What I have to tell you might shake the teenage world as we know it.  It is so earth shattering, earth shaking, earth quaking that… Read More

Big Box Shops Offering Our Daughters the Perfect Sexy Costume At first when I saw this costume I thought it was for a streetwalker, but upon slower inspection I realized it was for a Sexy Native American!(?)! One of our local big boxed stores is suggesting ways our teenage (and tween) daughters can up their sex appeal this Halloween with several costume styles, included a Honey (pot) Bear and a Sexy Angel… Read More

Okay, Okay… Ease Was the Wrong Word! Two weeks ago I wrote about the ease of boys friendships, but many parents privately called me out on it.  They disagreed that it wasn’t as cut and dry as I claimed it to be.  This of course caused me to think deeper about the topic, and I have come to several conclusions: Boys are more inclusive but they can become exclusive, just not in… Read More

Boys and Their Friends: A Drama Free Zone When I was a “tween” and adolescent girl, it was difficult to maneuver and understand the nature of my friendships with other girls. The cattiness and moodiness, the cliques and the clashes, the fakeness of friends who pretend camaraderie just to gossip behind your back made being friends with girls a maze of confusion. Most times it felt like a lead jacket of the… Read More

It’s ALL Mom’s Fault My thirteen year old, Gannan, is a blame contortionist. Lately when something isn’t right, no matter his actions, no matter his mistakes, he very adeptly twists, turns and wrings it into something that I did wrong. Take last night for instance, he was hungry. (Not an unusual occurrence. Teenage boys’ stomachs are colossal chasms.) Gannan: What can I eat mom? Me: Well there’s goulash left over. There’s potato… Read More

When in Rome … At 9:00 in the morning in the middle of teaching my fifth graders a spelling lesson, I had a revelation that would change the way I parented forever. As with many discoveries that are eye-opening and cataclysmic, this one started from a seemingly banal conversation about the frustrations of parenting. It was on this very morning that my colleague burst into my classroom and announced, “Great news! Timmy… Read More

Teen Read Week & Meekin’s Teen Page Teen Read Week starts on Oct. 18! Get ready to celebrate at your library from Oct. 18-24. Teen Read Week is an annual event sponsored by the Young Adult Library Services Association during the third week of October each year. The 2009 theme is Read Beyond Reality @ your library, so libraries across the United States will do something special to encouraging teens to read… Read More

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