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A Letter to My Sons (Or “Everything I Ever Wanted to Say About Dating but Couldn’t Keep You Long Enough in a Locked and Moving Car to Tell You.) Hi guys. It’s mom. I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few important tidbits about dating from a woman’s point of view that I think all boys should know.  Now stop rolling your eyes.  I know you have been blinded by… Read More

Headline of the Day:  World Class Spy Fails to Get the Goods I wish I was James Bond equipped with all that spy gear.  A Vespa.  A tux.  A suave opening line, “Fisher… Logan Fisher.”  A phone in the sole of my shoe—oh wait, isn’t that Maxwell Smart?  Anyhoo… Being a spy is an essential occupation for a mother of a teenage boy.  Isn’t about time Steve Jobs invents an App for… Read More

Okay, Okay… Ease Was the Wrong Word! Two weeks ago I wrote about the ease of boys friendships, but many parents privately called me out on it.  They disagreed that it wasn’t as cut and dry as I claimed it to be.  This of course caused me to think deeper about the topic, and I have come to several conclusions: Boys are more inclusive but they can become exclusive, just not in… Read More

Boys and Their Friends: A Drama Free Zone When I was a “tween” and adolescent girl, it was difficult to maneuver and understand the nature of my friendships with other girls. The cattiness and moodiness, the cliques and the clashes, the fakeness of friends who pretend camaraderie just to gossip behind your back made being friends with girls a maze of confusion. Most times it felt like a lead jacket of the… Read More

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