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Get the inside scoop! Western Massachusetts locals recommend their favorite swimming spots to help you stay cool on a hot summer’s day!

Nothing Like a Swim Summer for us means a few trips away, a week of camp for each boy and many days of waking up in the morning and figuring out the day based on an algorithm of weather, health and how much energy the boys need to expend versus what I have to balance with work commitments. It is hard to explain but easy to do. The upshot is swimming. All… Read More

QUESTION AND ANSWERS Are your kids still in diapers? What do they swim in? Carrie Snyder writes, “We use the Bummis Swimmis reusable diaper!” Diane Hinze Kanzler writes, “We used Imse Vimse Swim Diaper. Awesome.” Nancyjo Craig Rongner writes, “Yes, but 60% potty learned. I love the iPlay Swim Diapers. They hold up really well and are adorable. Also, there are suits out there with built in swim diapers. We have also… Read More

QUESTION AND ANSWERS Can anyone recommend a good place for kids to take swim lessons this summer? Megan Rubiner Zinn recommends: “Craig Collins at the Valley Swim School (at the Clarke School, Northampton) is wonderful: http://www.thevalleyswimschool.com“ Brooke Norton recommends: “I second Craig and the Valley Swim School. He’s great.” Amy Meltzer recommends: “My kids have had great success with sharing a teacher for semi-private lessons at the YMCA in Northampton…” Tom Adams… Read More

QUESTION AND ANSWERS Can anyone recommend an outdoor swimming pool to take the kids to in Western Massachusetts? Julie Gouldman Russell responds: If you happen to know someone who is a member – South Hadley has a great swimming club with an outdoor pool (or you could join yourself too). Jude McGowan responds: Northampton Country Club (fee/membership); Autumn Inn Elm St. in Northampton (fee/membership)? Jennifer Pierce responds: Mill River Recreation area in… Read More

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