Hilltown Families


The Food Bank of Western Mass writes: Attention Teachers and Youth Organizers! Using Super Bowl weekend as a rallying point, the Souper Bowl of Caring is nation-wide initiative led by youth groups in faith communities and schools that will raise funds for local anti-hunger efforts. During the 2009 Super Bowl weekend, local youth groups in Western Mass. raised nearly $7,000 for The Food Bank. While the campaign has historically been focused on… Read More

Tips for Dads & Kids Watching the Super Bowl Together One of a Dad’s simple pleasures is watching TV sports together with his kids and/or stepkids. But what about those moments (like during some commercials) when you want to cover your child’s eyes with your hands? Here are a few simple tips from The Dad Man to help fathers and stepfathers get more out of watching the Super Bowl (and other TV… Read More

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