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Victoria Worth of Ashfield, MA writes: There is a good article in the New York Times about sunscreens.  Below is the beginning of the piece and HERE is the link to the whole article. “Americans dutifully slather on sunscreens every summer, hoping to stave off aging, wrinkles and cancer. But with each passing season, more questions are raised about whether the labeling and safety guidelines for sunscreens, created in 1978, are adequate… Read More

QUESTION AND ANSWERS Summer is turning the corner on us and the sun is a blazing. Can anyone recommend a kid-friendly sun-block they like to use on their family, and where you get it? Blocks that are either non-toxic, don’t sting eyes, REALLY waterproof, and/or easy to apply, are all good to know about. Lauren Koblara Kostantin writes: I’m interested in the answer too. Alisa Blanchard writes: California Babies … one of… Read More

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