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Summer is here, and kids are looking forward to playing outside and enjoying the warm weather while swimming, riding their bikes and exploring. It’s also an excellent time for reading. Even though school is out, kids can still keep learning by reading over the summer. Public libraries make that more fun with their summer reading programs. Anyone can go online or head down to their local library to check out what’s going on for children this summer.

Summer reading is a wonderful chance to engage your children with a love of reading, and recent research suggests that reading fiction is also powerful tool for strengthening our empathy muscles.

For the 5th summer in a row, the New York Times is offering an additional way for teens to learn and grow through summer reading; however, instead of focusing on major literary works, the program uses the Times’ own content as “required” reading. Open to students ages 13-19, the contest is a great way to stimulate teen intellectual curiosity through current affairs…

Summer in western Massachusetts presents great opportunities for children’s to enjoy innovative educational experiences. Nothing illustrates this more than the numerous summer reading programs happening in our libraries. These programs encourage families to read together and for children to have augmented learning opportunities… many of them supporting STEM!

Read on to see what summer reading programs provide in your community!

Summer affords us a golden chance to encourage our children to open their senses to the world. These are rare formative situations in which a child can absorb the happenings of their community and wider world in a different context, where they explore and get in touch with their own interests- just like a vacation.

In “What to Play? Play Ideas for Family & Community” this month, Carrie outlines creative ways to channel a child’s favorite thing to do and subsequently fuel the desire for them to explore, have fun and enjoy an enriching summer. Carrie’s methods involves opening access to diverse reading materials and encouraging sketching. Through creative-free play comes discovery!

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