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The summer opens up before us with overwhelming possibilities. It is the season that we all want to throw ourselves into with great abandon after a long winter indoors. This week’s post to “Hindsight Parenting” illustrates the importance of planning activities for your children over the summer and that too much planning is never enough. Logan takes some stress out of planning for you by breaking down a wealth of summer activities into three categories that cover a lot of bases. Where our children are concerned, we all want to maximize their summer experiences. This week, Logan provides a great signpost as to how that can be achieved!

Preparing for Summer I used to hate summer. You heard me. H.A.T.E. While most educators count down the days until the end of the school year, my dread grows the closer the end of June comes. No, no…I have no aversion to heat, (at least not the kind of heat we get here in upstate NY. Now Florida’s heat…blech!). No, no it isn’t that it is because it is skimpy clothes and… Read More

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