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Sugar season is upon up with sugar shacks opening up and excitement growing for all things maple! From tree identification to tapping to boiling, there is much to learn in the process of sugaring. Maple sugar season is very much a part of our local history and New England culture. Participating in maple events strengthens our sense of place while building community and making connections. Find out what’s happening in our region and all the various entry points to learning through maple syrup!

As the winter days become warmer, plants and animals begin to prepare for springtime to come. And what’s one of the first (and possibly the most delicious) signs of spring here in western Massachusetts? Maple sugaring season, of course!

Question and Answer Sugar season is fast approaching! Where’s your favorite sugar bush or sugar shack to take the family during Maple sugar season? Anita Morehouse recommends: “Growing up we always went to Gould’s in Shelburne… or was it Charlemont?” Jenny Giering recommends: High Hopes Farm in South Worthington on Rt. 112! Open every Saturday & Sunday from 2/26 to Easter 7 AM – 2 PM. Awesome breakfast & great syrup!” Maryellen… Read More

March is Maple Syrup Time in Western MA Massachusetts’s maple forests have endured the winter months and are ready to produce sweet and flavorful maple syrup.  Maple events, sugarhouse visits and farm fresh maple delights from restaurants, markets, bed and breakfasts and local farms, offer great seasonal outings for families all over Western Mass.“Sugarmakers around Massachusetts are looking forward to the season. We’re all proud to be continuing a craft that has… Read More

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