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Helping Our Kids Explain One of the classic cliches of the parent-child relationship is the question and answer, “What did you do today?” “Nothing.” Over the years, I have had so many parents ask if I could help them get some information from their children. I suggested that they think about the three types of questions (yes/no, wh-questions, and open-ended questions) and chose ones with easier answers. Open-ended answers are overly broad… Read More

In libraries all across America, therapy dogs are brought into libraries to provide children with a stress-free reading experience that helps them immeasurably. Often times western MA libraries host these programs, an effective way to support literacy through companionship for young readers. Read Kathy’s most recent post in her monthly column, “Time to Talk: Supporting Children’s Language Skills,” and discover the value of these programs.

This month in “Time to Talk: Supporting Children’s Language Skills,” Hilltown Families Contributing Writer and speech-language pathologist, Kathy Puckett, addresses stuttering. This useful post include tips, resources and videos for supporting parents and adults raising and working with child who stutter.

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