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Celebrate spring with HFVS Guest DJ Lucy Kalantari. Butterflies, botany, banana splits, and rainbows, this playlist covers the many beautiful colors and facets of spring. Featuring Red Pants Band, KB Whirly, Dog on Fleas, Laura Doherty and much more!

“Spring comes as a miraculous surprise to me every year,” writes Sarah this month in “The Good Life.” “The branches are bare and the ground is muddy, but I am intoxicated by the scent of the wind. In the bustle of my life I often overlook graceful simplicity, because I can’t seem to slow myself down to see it…”

When you think of spring, which month do you think of? March makes the most sense seeing as the Vernal Equinox is indeed in March. But here in Western MA, March teases us with the IDEA of spring, which actually arrives in April! This month in “The Good Life: A Year of Thoughtful Seasons,” Sarah shares her revelation about March…

Get Into the Flow Like a Mayfly “Rivers can take this—don’t worry!” said Jason Johnson, who works with Masswildlife’s Caleb Slater to stock our streams with trout and salmon, after hearing me whine about the drought. “Most droughts occur in late summer. The fact that this one is happening as the leaves come out…” I’d worried. “The tree species that are native to our area can handle this. It happened a few… Read More

What the Peepers Are Telling Us Last night, I sped my family home from a week of Spring Break that took us far from the Nonotuck biome. As they slumbered in their car seats, I was feeling anxious—Had the leaf buds burst yet? I couldn’t see; it was too dark.  This fleeting moment of the return of life is one of the sweetest in the circle of seasons, isn’t it? The thought… Read More

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