Hilltown Families


Dispelling Fear I’m sitting and basking in the moment as Jenny, a seventeen year old student, performs her final “goodbye” poem for her weekly “spoken word” assignment in my English class: “Spoken Word has been the greatest present I’ve been given, Giving into fears I thought misgiving. You always say to “go there” and I Never knew where “there” was, just a Place with apparitions and monsters Existing In the back of… Read More

Inspiration I can’t believe what I just saw, heard, and experienced. Standing in front of me is a seventeen-year-old young man who, for the longest time, considered himself worthless, dreamless, lifeless. From my seat in the back of the class, I sit for a moment in awe. Having to give this student a critique on his first “spoken word” performance, a weekly assignment for my English class where students perform their own… Read More

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