Hilltown Families


Putting up a Fight Having a marital spat in the middle of a chain department store is not my idea of fun. Yet there my husband and I were, 7-year-old Noelle in tow, marching through the store, hissing at each other in a not-so-very-nice fashion. – It’s just one more way that diabetes brings out the worst in us. You see, it wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill dispute. No, this fight was about… Read More

No Cause for Alarm A year ago I won an alarm clock in a church raffle. I know … exciting, right? It actually was. It was a very cool alarm clock. It was shaped like an egg, flashed different colors and had many features like a timer, date and temperature. My daughter, Noelle,picked it out from a pile of items we could choose from in the raffle. She knows how much her… Read More

Special Treatment Those words mean different things to different people. Raising a child with a serious disease, I’ve come to embrace everything that’s positive about these two words. That puts me at odds with lots of people, including with my own husband, who never wants our daughter to feel “different” because she has diabetes — even though she is. The issue first came up the summer after my daughter Noelle was diagnosed,… Read More

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