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Robert Krampf’s Experiment of the Week: SOLAR POWER Visiting the world’s largest solar power plants to explore reflection and refraction. Video:  Solar Power

Sun and Solar Store to Power Hilltown Spring Festival This year’s Hilltown Spring Festival again has the goal of sustainability woven throughout—from the children’s activities, to the composting and trash recycling, all the way to folk/blues/percussion rhythms, and alt-jazz that will emanate from the Festival’s three music stages. “It takes plenty of energy to get the Festival off the ground and we wanted to make that energy sustainable too,” says festival organizer… Read More

Kurt Heidinger, Executive Director of Biocitizen School of Westhampton, MA writes: How many times have you looked at a river thinking, how beautiful—and pulled out your camera to capture the swells of whitewater, a striking blue heron, or blazing maple tree in the autumn overhanging its banks? A river is not just beautiful, though; it’s alive, and those who witness this life, this bios, never look at or appreciate a river the… Read More

Solar Power Seminar: Homeowners to Learn How Solar Power Is Cheaper than Utilities Alteris Renewables and GREEN Northampton will host a free public seminar on solar energy for homeowners in the Pioneer Valley on July 14th.at 7pm at the Media Education Foundation (60 Masonic St.) in Northampton. The seminar will explain how solar works and is cost competitive with electricity supplied by utilities for the first time. Homeowners are encouraged to register… Read More

Families, educators and youth groups can empower kids to do something about global warming and other problems associated with burning fossil fuels by taking the first step in learning about it and following up with a project of their own.