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A fun holiday tradition, caroling events are wonderful intergenerational events that explore choral music with your family and friends. With many songs sung during the holiday seasons rich in history, there is much to learn! From vespers services to community caroling, December is full of opportunities to sing. Get inspired by taking in annual concerts and performances.

The holiday season is a beautiful time of year, sometimes covered in a blanket of snow, and the perfect time to get outside and enjoy! Sienna Wildfield, Founder of HilltownFamilies.org, told us about different holiday strolls and caroling around the area!

In addition to the learning-based benefits of singing in a chorus, being a part of a singing group helps to ward off chemicals that can cause depression and loneliness. Whether your family is made up of chorus participants or not, the holiday season presents a myriad of opportunities to explore choral music in many forms.

It’s a great time of year for choral music. Choral music is a great activity for children to become involved in- as well as the entire family. Aside from the obvious benefits of being in something that is truly about a team effort and unity, choral music chemically makes singing people happier! Read to see how…

Singing together with family, neighbors and friends is one way of enhancing children’s language learning. Christmas carols are an obvious choice today of what to sing today! Check out what speech-language pathologist and Hilltown Families Contributing Writer, Kathy Puckett, recommends this month in “Time to Talk: Supporting Children’s Language Skills.”

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New Singers Of All Ages Are Welcome to Join the Hilltown Choral Society! Do you have children that love to sing? Are you looking for ways you or your family can be more involved with your community? Did you know there was a Hilltown community chorus group, the Hilltown Choral Society, and they are welcoming new singers of all ages? The Hilltown Choral Society welcomes new singers and will hold rehearsals for… Read More