Hilltown Families


Many children have used sidewalk chalk to create drawings, make hopscotch boards, or write notes and signs. When fine artists take to the sidewalks with their own ideas, the materials and setting are still very relatable for–and interesting to– kids, even if the products are quite different. The artists of this year’s Northampton Chalk Art Festival on Friday, September 11, everyone is invited to observe as they create new masterpieces on the sidewalks downtown.

An 8 year old child in third grade finds that they have more homework, eating into time parent & child can spend together. In “What to Play? Play Ideas for Family & Community,” Carrie writes how to continue a strong bond with your child through creative free play. Read on to discover how the concept of “art bombing” can be a fun way to enhance and complete a collaborative creative journey… plus a bonus recipe to help you make your own art supply!

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