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“My daughter only has one set of grandparents,” writes Logan in her column this month. “And while my husband’s mom and dad love her dearly, they are both in their 90’s and not in any position to be truly involved in her life. I used to lament this. Worrying that somehow she was missing out on that grandparent kind of unconditional love that is such a blessing. But watching my son interact with my daughter, I have come to realize it doesn’t matter WHO that kind of love comes from, just that it exists.”

Family Dinners: Joy or Indigestion? The extensive research on the benefits of family dinners has seemed to define eating together as the make it or break it sign to raising healthy, well-adjusted children. I do agree that family meals have potential to be an opportunity to catch up on the day’s events and bond in the midst of our busy world. For years though, I have been challenged in my experience with… Read More

A Sibling’s Love One day I quietly watched my children playing with each other and realized for the first time that they have their own unique form of communication. They have an instinctual knowledge of each other I had not previously been aware of. It is an understanding only a sibling can have, almost as if they can read each other’s minds. At the moment when I noticed what I now call… Read More

Do we keep it in a jar or let it go – Then Get to The Lupa Zoo A parent wrote to me about an incident in which her preschool daughters caught a lizard in the backyard and her husband told them they could keep it in a jar. She told them it was nature and they had to let it go. The girls threw a tantrum and a meltdown ensued. Mom… Read More

Helping Big Brother/Sister Adjust I was in one of those party supply stores the other day and I noticed these special buttons that can be worn by young children who are getting a new baby sister or brother. The buttons read, “I’m The Big Brother (or Sister).” I love these and recommend them often to parents who will be adding a new addition to the family. It’s so easy for adults to… Read More

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