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Shakespeare’s death, 400 years ago, is a catalyst for learning! In celebration of the English poet and playwright, widely thought of as the greatest writer in the English language, community-based learning opportunities are being offered across the region. From museums to libraries, exhibits to films, learning through the lens of Shakespeare connects the community to their interests and local community resources!

From now until Oct. 11, Williams College’s Chapin Library will host an exhibition marking the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare: “‘While Thy Booke Doth Live’: Shakespeare and His World.”

For the YSP East actors, participating as an ensemble member in Julius Caesar is an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the play as they learn not only about Shakespeare and ancient Rome, but also about the role of politics, history, and government. For audiences this is an opportunity to experience the beauty of Shakespeare’s language and the tragedy and intrigue of ancient Rome as staged by a group of dedicated and talented young actors.

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