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How Things Work

What makes the car stop? How are car brakes different from bicycle brakes? Train brakes? Roller coasters? How do hydraulics work?

These questions pepper my days these days. Raised for sugar, spice, and everything nice, my mechanical engineering knowledge is woefully inadequate. Thankfully, in his updated masterpiece on machines, The Way Things Work Now, author David Macaulay and his illustrated mastodons describe the inner workings of the toilet tank, stapler, and radio, along with Wifi and RAM. And hydraulics.

I’ve been reading about the power of pressure. When a fluid is compressed, it exerts pressure in all directions.  A container not strong enough to withstand the pressure will leak or otherwise be damaged. Properly contained, the fluid will transfer the force of its power into the world around it.

In this month’s Off the Mat: Reflections on the Practice of Parenting, Pain Specialist & Yoga Instructor Ginny Hamilton shares how she is trying to drink more water, one little way to care for herself so she can better care for others. Share your examples of self-care by 11:59 pm Tuesday 5/3 for a chance to win a free pass to her upcoming mini-retreat on Saturday morning, May 14th.

We call vacations “a breather” for a reason. Pain Specialist & Yoga Instructor Ginny Hamilton and her spouse recently took a grown up vacation. In “Off the Mat: Reflections on the Practice of Parenting,” she reminds herself about the importance of taking a breather, and of just breathing.

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