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Some of the best science learning happens when experiments turn into a big mess – and summer is the best time to do such activities, since they can be done outside. Our list of messy outdoor science covers everything from physics to compost, explosions to egg frying, and natural dye to water filters.

Using the best that the outdoors have to offer during fall, families can engage in easy and exciting hands-on science experiments. Requiring few materials and relying heavily on the power of observation, these experiments offer opportunities for informal science learning!

Sacrifice Your Kids Halloween Candy in the Name of Science! Wondering what to do with the three pounds of candy your kids will be bringing home Halloween night?  How about SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS! Loralee, a mom of three, has created a great web site, Candy Experiments, filled with science experiments you can do with your kids using all that candy. Experiments include Acid Test using Pixy Stixs, Chromatography using M&M’s, Density experiment with… Read More

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