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Choices Every school year moms have cookie cutter thoughts. How to make sure their children do their homework. How to make sure they are involved in outside activities. We think about schedules, how to give equal time to the one child who is the announcer for varsity football games and the other child who is running varsity cross country. We think about school clothes and new sneakers and notebooks and pencils. We… Read More

Testing of Kindergartners Is Out of Control, Says Children’s Advocacy Group in New Report Studies show standardized tests and test prep are now daily activities in many kindergartens. Why? Molly Holloway, a mother of twin kindergartners in Bowie, Maryland, can’t understand why her children must take standardized tests every month in math, reading, social studies, and science. “One of the teachers has told me that the kindergarten curriculum is what used to… Read More

This weeks episode of the Hilltown Family Variety Show is “Back to School.” Here is our podcast and playlist.

Getting Out the Door For most families, back-to-school means a new schedule complete with homework, meetings, practices and new activities. Remembering everything that has to be ready to go each day can turn your mornings into a mad dash. It doesn’t have to be this way. With a little organization, you really can make this the year your family commits to making every morning a smooth one. Experiment with these tips, adapted… Read More

Does your child’s school make the grade? Family Pride offers a Rainbow Report Card, an interactive tool that generates custom recommendations for a family’s situation in schools. Encouraging our schools to be more inclusive each day makes a world of difference in the education of all children. The Rainbow Report Card is only the beginning of a series of projects Family Pride will launch aimed at empowering parents to make change in… Read More

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