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Have you tried kale chips yet? This month in “Oak & Acorn,” Leslie share a recipe for Cheesy Kale Chips kids (and their adults) will love! A delicious way to dish out your locally harvested kale…

Back-to-School with a Waste-Free Lunch You know that time between Memorial Day and Labor Day they call Summer?  It came and went so fast!  And now here we are again, with children preparing to go back-to-school, school buses slowing down morning commutes, and a buzz of conversation about after-school classes, where to find non-toxic school supplies, and idea swapping on the age old dilemma … what to pack for your kids lunch. … Read More

QUESTION AND ANSWERS PB&J. Cheese stick. Yogurt. – (Snore!) – Does your inner chef have a fresh, creative idea to share for our back-to-school, lunch toting kids? Leslie Lynn suggests, “Hummus and carrots, yum! Seaweed strips! Homemade granola bars!” Hannah Monroe Litchfield suggests, “My kids love tortillas with just about anything rolled inside. Cream cheese and ham, hummus and lettuce, turkey and cheese, or Yes, even PB&J.” Jessica Grant suggests, “Vegetarian sushi… Read More

The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts writes: This Thursday, the State House will consider legislation that seeks to increase healthy and locally grown foods in schools across the Commonwealth. We need your voice now to encourage our Western Massachusetts representatives to support this bill. Children deserve healthy food choices at school! Click HERE to learn more and act now.

USDA Backs Rewarding Schools Serving Healthy Food By Christopher Doering Schools that serve more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to pupils should see higher federal support rates than those serving less-healthier meals loaded with high fats and sugar, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said on Tuesday. Child nutrition programs, which include school lunch and breakfast, are due for an overhaul but Congress is not expected to act before 2010. The government has targeted… Read More

Today is “Back to School with Better Milk” Day of Action Our kids deserve the healthiest food possible, and parents deserve to have a say in what their kids eat. Milk is a staple for many of our nation’s youngsters, and it’s crucial that the milk served in schools be safe, healthy and free of artificial hormones. The artificial growth hormone rBGH is on its way out. Consumers are rejecting it at… Read More

Three ways to revolutionize your school lunch program Need help banning mystery meat from your school’s cafeteria? Get the tools you need from three organizations dedicated to serving up better lunches: Healthy School Lunch Campaign, farmtoschool.org and The Lunch Box. Read more over at GreatSchools.net.

School Lunch Updates: How the USDA Helped Bring Processed Food to School Lunch Most adults don’t have glorious memories of school lunch. It was sloppy Joes, shepherd’s pie, spaghetti with meat sauce, and it was usually on the bland side. But the food wasn’t bad, and it was almost always cooked from scratch by an army of school lunch ladies. Read more at School Lunch Talk. Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We… Read More

Healthy, Local & Organic School Food Now School food: It’s never had a reputation for being good, but these days, it’s downright unhealthy. Obesity and a host of diet-related diseases are linked to the school lunch menu, which is loaded with over-processed starches, fats, genetically modified ingredients, and meats laced with hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. Squeezed into buying on the cheap, school districts buy milk that has been produced with the use… Read More

Obama’s New Chef Skewers School Lunches Before he agreed to cook for the Obama family in the White House, Chicago chef Sam Kass was already talking about changing the way American children eat. During weekly Tuesday gatherings at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum in Chicago, Mr. Kass hosted “Rethinking Soup,” which he described as “a communal event where we will eat delicious, healthy soup and have fresh, organic conversation about many of… Read More

Amy Kalafa of Two Angry Moms writes: Recently, Oprah did a couple of shows focusing on the emotional toll of childhood obesity. The shows were touching, powerful, and an important step in rethinking how we nourish our kids. We want Oprah to broaden this discussion to address the need to fundamentally change how we feed kids in America both in school and at home. We want to extend the conversation beyond obesity… Read More

What’s For Lunch? By CISA As students of all ages go back to school this month, they all have one thing in common-school lunch. Not all school lunches are created equal, and some have come a long way from the days of mystery meat. As Local Hero members, several local schools and colleges are making great efforts to be sure that their students are eating healthier meals made with locally grown produce…. Read More

What’s for School Lunch? Making Popular Foods Nutritious for Kids at the Gateway Regional School District (Huntington, MA) – School meals are better then ever. Gateway kitchens are increasing the use of whole grains, lean meats, low fat cheese, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Nationwide, school nutrition professionals encourage healthy eating habits among students by offering high quality, low cost meals to over 30 million children each day. All meals are required… Read More

The time to prevent obesity is in childhood and schools are an excellent place to start. Children learn the habits of a lifetime in school – one of those habits should be healthy eating.

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