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With a growing child and aging parents, yoga instructor Ginny Hamilton is getting many bites at the mid-generation sandwich. Sometimes, one eclipses the other. Sometimes, they share the light of the eclipse. This month, in Off the Mat: Reflections on the Practice of Parenting.

This month in “The Good Life: A Year of Thoughtful Seasons,” Sarah explores what it means to be independent in a sea of opposition, reflecting on the bravery of her father as he navigates life without language.

The holiday season is a time to reflect on memories that only the festive season can awaken. This month, post-holidays in “Grandpa in the House” Parenting in a Multigenerational Home,” Wendy writes a very personal account of her time as a child celebrating the holidays with her Aspie Dad, and how it impacted her attitude towards the holidays with her very own family. Read on for a very touching account of how the wheel came full circle for Wendy in her end-of-the-year holiday celebrations.

In our monthly column, “Grandpa in the House: Parenting in a Multigenerational Home,” Wendy writes about her life of raising a child and looking after a parent with Asperger’s syndrome. It’s one complicated juggling act. In this month’s post, Wendy’s child is starting to notice things with his grandfather that maybe classified as ‘weird.’ How does a parent address this head on? Read on…

Living with an elderly relative with Asperger’s has its challenges. Wendy offers poignant insights into the mechanics of everyday life In our monthly column, “Grandpa in the House: Parenting in a Multigenerational Home.” This week, we learn that Asperger’s personality drives can drive passion for collecting. Combine that with the ‘click to buy’ culture of internet shopping, and it’s time for a new mailbox! Read on as Wendy takes both a philosophical and pragmatic outlook…

In this month’s “Grandpa in the House: Parenting in a Multigenerational Home,” Wendy juggles the family shopping trip and the widely different needs of a young child and an older Aspie.

“Grandpa in the House: Parenting in a Multigenerational Home” debuts this week with Wendy Somes joining us as our newest contributing writer. Having to raise kids while caring for parents is already one tough job for the Sandwich Generation. Add Aspergers to the formula and the challenges increase… but in this case it’s Wendy’s elderly father who has Aspergers. Each month she will share with us her journey as a daughter of a father with Aspergers and a mother of a young child, all under one roof.

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