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Technology, Art and Kids I sometimes hear concerns from parents about technology and their children.  Are they too young to use computers?  Are they using technology too much?  What I have found, in my experience using technology with students for over 20 years, is that it is not so much “how much” and “when” but “what.”  In our work at the Williamsburg Schools, we aim to enable kids to use technology constructively… Read More

Review & Giveaway: Kidscraft Cottage Playhouse How many creations can your child come up with for a large empty cardboard box? A go-cart? Pirate ship? Doll house? Rocket to the moon? The ideas are endless! The National Toy Hall of Fame recognizes the imagination that an unassuming cardboard box can stir in our children, inducting it into the Toy Hall of Fame along with 44 other toys, including the bicycle, jump rope,… Read More

Breaking Gender Stereotypes with Toys This spring I became a Great Aunt … twice!  That’s twice the fun of discovering and giving gifts to new mothers that I would have loved to receive when my daughter was little.  Over the next several weeks we will be reviewing several products for families with little ones made by local mamapreneurs from Western Massachusetts.  Our reviews will showcase local toys, clothes and practical products made… Read More

The event was not a contest, but rather a review. Not to say that there wasn’t a lot of “buzz” around a few designs. The kids (our “Official Reviewers”) were very attracted to stars, guitars and vivid colors, especially Ben Rudnick & Friends tie-dyed guitar playing alien design, along with the Sippy Cups‘ robot design.

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