Hilltown Families


Reuse of objects and materials offers families a means of living more sustainably and inexpensively. Locally, organizations and businesses centered around reuse serve as a valuable community resource. Families can find everything from household items to construction materials through reuse-centric resources, and can learn about reuse and recycling practices in the process!

Northampton’s ReUse Rally for the Arts October 13, 2012 JFK Middle School in Florence What can you make out of a paper towel roll?  Can old keys who’ve lost their locks be put to good use?  And what about that broken lamp in your attic?  All of these things – and more! – can become beautiful artwork when contributed to that materials stashes of artists participating in Northampton’s ReUse Rally for the… Read More

At Peace with Living Green If you are a diehard environmentalist you may be familiar with the name Bea Johnson. And if you weren’t aware of her before there’s a good chance that name is now ringing a bell with families everywhere. An Associated Press article that appeared in local newspapers across the country earlier this month documented Johnson’s efforts to create a “zero waste” lifestyle within her home and highlighted her… Read More

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