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Is Western Mass Home to the Rag Shag Parade?

Halloween Traditions Most families have favorite Halloween traditions that they participate in with their kids (or as a kid).  Traditions may include trick-or-treating, having a picnic in the graveyard, marching down Main Street as a participant in your neighborhood rag shag parade, toilet papering your neighbors 100 year old maple tree (hopefully you stopped doing that by now!). What are favorite Halloween traditions you’ve either participated in AS a kid or WITH… Read More

CLICK HERE FOR HALLOWEEN 2009 EVENTS IS WESTERN MASS HOME TO THE RAG SHAG PARADE? Here’s a challenge for our readers, what are the origins of the “rag shag parade?” I had never heard of a rag shag parade until I moved to Western Mass. And as far I can tell, this style of parade is a local phenomenon. You don’t hear about rag shag parades happening in Minnesota or Louisiana. Not… Read More

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