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Serving as the sequel to 2011’s Race to Nowhere, director Vicki Abeles’ Beyond Measure offers a heartening look at the possibilities for meaningful change within the American education system. Pairing real-life examples with hard data, the film makes a powerful argument in support of a less standardized means of educating. Families can attend an upcoming screening at Bay Path University!

Willow Children Recently, I acquired a branch from a curly willow tree.  The trees, known as Salix matsudana ‘Tortuosa’ to botanists, are lovely.  Their branches bend and twist as they grow upwards, rather than outwards, from the trunk.  The leaves are small and green and in the fall turn a brilliant yellow.  Native to China, the tree’s winding, coiled branches make it ideal for bonsai- the art of perfecting and controlling something… Read More

Lost and Frantic in the Race to Nowhere Remember that classic scene from I Love Lucy where Lucy and Ethel are working in a candy factory? They’re supposed to be wrapping candies as they come towards them on a conveyor belt and have been specifically told they’ll be fired if any go unwrapped. At first, they’re calm. The pace is perfect and they’re wrapping like champs. Soon, the belt gets faster and… Read More

Race To Nowhere is a groundbreaking documentary film that examines education, childhood and the unintended consequences of the achievement-obsessed way of life that permeates American education and culture. Unrelenting pressure, whether from well-intentioned parents, teachers, national leaders or from children themselves, is creating a generation suffering from unprecedented levels of stress, depression and burnout. TAKE ACTION Race to Nowhere invites you to add your voice to a growing movement of educators, parents,… Read More

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