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Boredom is a problem. I mean technically we’re all supposed to be asleep & hibernating in these oppressive temperatures, right? We’re pushing against Mother Nature here, right? Not at all! Boredom can inspired kids into creative-free play! A Hula hoop & snow shovel are all that’s required to get Carrie’s children all fired up to release some creative-free play on the Western Mass winter landscape! While the great outdoors may sometimes be cold and not as accommodating, it is only a matter of changing the conversation and maybe getting extra creative. Don’t let winter be an obstacle. An obstacle course…hmmmmmm, now there’s a thought…

One wonders what inspired John Cleese and his collection of silly walks. Reading Carrie’s piece here, it seems he may have been influenced by animals! Carrie shares a fun and simple game for kids to play this month in “What to Play Play Ideas for Family & Community”….read on and let animals of all measure inspire creative-free play this holiday season!

In her debut column, “Let Them Grow: Fresh Ways to Engage Toddler’s in Creative Free Play,” Hilltown Families newest contributing writer, Candice Chouinard, shares a post on ways families can bring the outside inside by creating and using “busy bins.” Bins can be created for sensory, pretend and winter play, just to name a few!

Let’s Pretend: A Discussion on Violence “Ok daddy. Let’s go in my tent and you get to kill me.” These were the words uttered by my VERY sheltered three-year-old daughter just last night. I was shocked. Daddy was shocked. He immediately responded, “I will play with you Ila, but I won’t ever play ‘killing’. That just isn’t a nice thing to play.” To distract her, he pretended to see a dragon in… Read More

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