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Has your child ever told you that they prefer their other parent over you? This week in “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan tells how her daughter prefers her daddy over her, the hurt that ensues, and the realization that while daddy might be more fun, mommy is loved too, in a different way.

This week in “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan looks back on a funny yet not-so-funny incident when she had to nurse one of her sons back to wellness. Fast forward to age 20 and nurse nightengale is no longer needed…

This week in “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan shares the battle of Whining Monster vs. Angry Monster. And guess who one thanks to the help of music and a song…

What are the nuances of this complicated thing called love? On the heels of Valentine’s Day, Logan shares 20 ideas of love this week in her column, “Hindsight Parenting: Raising Kids the Second Time Around.”

“The only shame I felt was how very long I allowed myself to believe that the only kind of worthy women are the social butterflies of the world,” writes Logan this week in her column, “Hindsight Parenting.” This week she shares how being “mother and daughter extraordinaire” tend to be “mother and daughter solitaire” for her and her daughter… and that’s okay!

This week in “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan shares the top five most misused words and phrases by preschoolers…

Let’s Pretend: A Discussion on Violence “Ok daddy. Let’s go in my tent and you get to kill me.” These were the words uttered by my VERY sheltered three-year-old daughter just last night. I was shocked. Daddy was shocked. He immediately responded, “I will play with you Ila, but I won’t ever play ‘killing’. That just isn’t a nice thing to play.” To distract her, he pretended to see a dragon in… Read More

Have Faith in Your Children Strength I was a big ol’ chicken this week. I mean a shakin-in-my-boots-anxiety-ridden-big-ol’-BAWK-BAWK-chicken. Last column and the column before that, I had hinted that there were things going on at my daughter Ila’s current daycare/preschool that weren’t all that wonderful. Between the mean girl attitude, and the teachers’ lack of motivation to implement the suggestions given to them by Ila’s physical and occupational therapists, coupled with the… Read More

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