Hilltown Families


There are many families in the hilltowns still without power that will not have their electricity back on until the 20th. If your family is in need of support (or if you know of other families in the hilltowns), or maybe your family has resources to offer/loan (generator, place to warm up, ride to Red Cross Shelter in Williamsburg, etc.) please feel encouraged to post to the HF Local Listserv so communication… Read More

Yesterday the Town of Chesterfield sent out the following message that might apply for tonight too. Call 296-4247 to confirm, and please pass along this info/number to your hilltown neighbors without electricity so they too may know about this resource: TOWN OF CHESTERFIELD Message sent – 12/12/2008 Sheltering 12-12-08 This is the Emergency Management Director. We currently expect power to be out for several days. With temperatures dropping, an emergency Shelter has… Read More

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