Hilltown Families


I Am Not a Player I am not a player. No, no…I don’t mean the polyester-wearing-Victoria’s-Secret-peekin’-buttons-opened-to-my-navel player. No! Sheesh. I am NOT talking about THAT kind of player. I am talking about get-out-the-Fisher-Price-sit-down-on-th-rug-make-your-voice-high-for-the-girl-doll-and-a-low-voice-for-the-boy-doll kind of player. I am not kidding when I say that playing dolls or tea party or with a Dora kitchen gives me the anxiety of a bomb-squad member trying to keep an explosive from blowing up a town… Read More

Children & Nature Movement Finds Allies in Advocates for Free Play By C&NN Free play, creative play, unstructured play … no matter the name, the belief that children need time away from the stress and structure of organized sports, enrichment classes, their daily homework, and scripted Xbox scenarios to exercise their imaginations and their bodies is being voiced with greater frequency now. The American Academy of Pediatrics published a report last year… Read More

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