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QUESTION AND ANSWERS Blueberries are out early this year! Where’s your favorite place to PYO with the kids? Laura LeClair writes, “Birdhaven Blueberry Farm in Southampton!” Jessica Campagna Wehry writes, “Where is close to Pittsfield for PYO organic blueberries? I’ve been dying to bring my son!” Sue Lowery writes, “Blueberry Hill on Washington Mountain Rd in Washington, MA (just outside Pittsfield) is amazing and wonderful. Roy and Marilyn Wiley are the owners,… Read More

Note 15, Pick-Your-Own Spots I wrote a little post for Momfilter, (fun site—I especially adore the pretty pictures!) about the joys of pick-your-own. For people who live in a city, I realize that the chance to go berry or apple picking—or even pluck a few cherry tomatoes from an outdoor plant, potted or in a garden plot—requires some planning (vacation activity, anyone?). And so writing that post made me think about another… Read More

Head for the apple orchard this weekend to PYO apples with your kids! It’s a fun way to learn about local food systems and a great excuse to follow up in the kitchen for lessons in the culinary arts! Here our reader recommend their favorite apple orchards in Western MA…

From our archives, families share their favorite places for pick-your-own raspberries. Take a peek and find a place to pick. Already have a favorite spot you’d like to share? Post in the comment field…

As local berries and fruits ripen, finding new ways to use the abundance can be exciting. Pies, cobblers, and tarts are delicious ideas, but fresh fruit shouldn’t be limited to desserts- add them to salads, breakfasts, or get creative with savory dishes. Want to enjoy these treats year-round?