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The seed head of the common dandelion is anything but common. Within the shape and patterns of its seeds are lessons in geometry and physics. Close observations will reveal geometric patterns that can lead a curious mind to identify spiraling patterns known as the Fibonacci sequence. Looking closely and learning how the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio are closely tied can spotlight a mathematical foundation found throughout nature. Learn the sequence and see where you can find it in other places, including pinecones, the shell of a snail, sunflowers, and of course, dandelion flowers and seed heads.

With a fresh coat of snow, we have the perfect opportunity for snow studies with the chemistry behind snowflakes and frost is just waiting to be discovered!

Intergenerational collaborations can provide young students with hands-on lessons in the basic science of physics and principles of design at the 5th Great Holyoke Brick Race happening on Saturday, June 4th!

The wizardry of the yo-yo is a sight to behold as the laws of physics get stretched to their limits. The Yo-Yo school in Northampton, MA, is fun and educational, as attaining jaw-dropping skills in the craft runs parallel with deconstructing the principals of physics!

Can’t decide what to have for dinner? Flip a coin! It’s totally reliable, right? Well – maybe not. Families can participate in some mathematically fascinating citizen science by flipping state-themed quarters and recording what comes up each time. Scientists and statisticians have begun to wonder if perhaps newer quarters with varied designs are less reliable than older quarters – and by experimenting at home, you’ll help them get closer to an answer! — Remember to mark your calendars and get ready to support Hilltown Families on Valley Gives Day: December 10th!

What does the tradition of Groundhog Day have to do with learning science? Well, when you throw in a classic Bill Murray film, the three things combine for an interesting examination of time loops and the physics behind such a concept!

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