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Any Damn Thing Can Happen: An Unexpected Journey Through Dog Rescue and Adoption. A friend once said to me after a shocking turn of events in her life, “Any damn thing can happen.” The more revolutions I make around the sun, the more evidence I see of this understated truism. It is apparent in happenings both life-changing and unremarkable. Sometimes you win the lottery; sometimes the socks match up. Life after 40… Read More

‘I hope she survives how enthusiastically she is loved,’ is how Pain Specialist and Yoga Instructor Ginny Hamilton described the hamster Santa brought. In this month’s Off the Mat: Reflections on the Practice of Parenting, Ginny reminds us that all life is fragile.

Felice Wolfzahn of Shelburne Falls, MA writes: GUINEA PIG CO-OP!! We have two lovely female guinea pigs (mother and daughter): Peppermint and Sparkle. As with a lot of pets, the family members are excited and interested for a while, but often the interest fades and they become more of a chore than a fascination. BUT……….. there’s hope other than trying to get rid of these cute, cuddly creatures. Here’s the idea: We… Read More

Loss of a Family Pet Recently a friend of mine e-mailed to say that their beloved dog had passed away.  She mentioned how difficult it was to figure out how to communicate this to her two children.  We agreed that posting a few resources for families to have regarding pet loss could be of benefit to other families that might experience the loss of a family pet too.  Below are four links… Read More

My daughter LOVES animals (and insects) and is the first to let you know about her greatest disappointment in life… not having a pet. She does have a goldfish named Rosevine, who’s more than a year old, but nothing warm and fuzzy for her to hug and hold and dress in scarves and stuff in boxes …

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