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As parents, we all know the drama of sacrifice we make for the well being and entertainment of our children. In this edition of “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan shines the spotlight on resentment lurking inside that stems from giving up her creativity and self-care as a part of parenting.

Facebook has found a way into our daily rituals. It doesn’t get more local than reading the overshared personal musings/ ventings of a friend or neighbor (or stranger!). It’s an addiction! Many people are social media cynics (some of us were burned by MySpace where one morning we woke up and everyone had left town- noooooo!) and Rebecca started out as such.

As a journalist, Rebecca has a different meaning for “news feed.” If you think this installment is all about Facebook bashing though, you’re wrong. As a mom raising a child with type one diabetes, Rebecca reveals how the power of Facebook has lent a helping hand….

Creating an environment for children that supports a positive body image can be incredibly challenging. So many external factors push back on a child feeling good about how they appear. We all know the media pressures that impact young girls (and boys!).

In this Hindsight Parenting installment, Logan gives a personal and insightful look at how a parents modeling their own behavior will have a positive impact on creating an environment where a young child does not feel bad or pressured about how they look. There begins the development of self confidence, for both child AND parent!

There is no doubting the stress and pressure of raising a child with two autoimmune diseases as Rebecca shares monthly here in her column, “Just My Type: Raising a Child with Type One Diabetes.” It leads to consecutive nights of interrupted sleep where Rebecca has to constantly check on her child’s condition. While taxing, it can often lead to cherished moments in the silence of the night as she watches her child sleep. It’s how memories are made.

“I wish…” is that split second of abandon when we hand over fate to the universe and will it to do us a favor. Logic and rationale defy the business of wish processing but there’s nothing like a bit of positive thinking. Do you still wish? Or do you subscribe to the philosopher Jagger: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need.” Sarah still wishes, and in her in column, “The Good Life: A Year of Thoughtful Seasons,” she realizes that she’s not the only one!

Sex, drugs, death… The BIG conversations with your growing children can be a daunting prospect. Climate Change has become a subject to add to this list, carefully addressed and broken down. There are subtle ways to open up constructive dialog to build fulfilling and enriching critical conversation. This month in “Parenting Green: Earth Friendly Ideas for Raising a Family,” Angie shares her strategies for breaking down the topic and finding small opportunities to address climate change with her kids.

Relationships… We often find ourselves in them and then they are so much work! Relationships with our children and spouses…they all require a lot of effort on a regular basis. They can be a roller coaster ride, but with an incredible return on investment. In “Hindsight Parenting: Raising Kids the Second Time Around,” Logan reflects on these relationships and how they may be worth the equal effort.

Do you want your children to live their dreams? Inspire them to do so by living your own! This week in “Hindsight Parenting: Raising Kids the Second Time Around,” Logan steps out or “mommy” and into “Logan,” setting an example for her young daughter and drawing pride from her college aged son.

Sometimes blessings come in unusual packages, like wrapped up in rawhide! Read about how a kind gesture at an iconic national park led to a great end to a trying day in Rebecca’s monthly column, “Just My Type: Raising a Child with Type One Diabetes.”

Our relationship with memory can be a roller coaster that contains amazing forensic detail recollection on one hand, and remarkable powers of blurring on the other. This month in “The Good Life,” Sarah writes about memories and how their ambiguity is what builds our lives. Details are important but the impressions events leave behind is the ultimate achievement…

Logan’s newest post to her column, “Hindsight Parenting,” is up! When is comes to parenting her young daughter, Logan has been able to apply the hindsight of parenting two teen boys. But now that her boys are grown up, how can she apply hindsight to parenting them as adults? Read the three parenting truths she has come to know and now applies to parenting her adult son…

“I have long thought the idea of a cure for diabetes is not going to happen because pharmaceutical companies are making an obscene amount of money off of diabetics,” writes Rebecca Dravis this month in her column, “Just My Type: Raising a Child with Type One Diabetes.” This month Rebecca takes a look at a recent rabble-rousing and what really is important when it comes to educating people about diabetes…

Has your child ever told you that they prefer their other parent over you? This week in “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan tells how her daughter prefers her daddy over her, the hurt that ensues, and the realization that while daddy might be more fun, mommy is loved too, in a different way.

Hindsight helps Logan find ways to be honest with her daughter about anger, quarrels and love this month in “Hindsight Parenting: Raising Kids the Second Time Around.”

This week in “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan looks back on a funny yet not-so-funny incident when she had to nurse one of her sons back to wellness. Fast forward to age 20 and nurse nightengale is no longer needed…

This month in “Just My Type,” Rebecca supports two young girls as they face type 1 diabetes every minute of every hour of every day of their lives.

“Every day we are challenged to be authentic. Authentic to ourselves, to community, and to our loved ones through our speech or actions…” writes Angie this month in ‘Parenting Green.’ “Whether it’s walking or biking into town, hiking the mountains, gardening in the backyard, making medicine from plants, going to the farmer’s market, or participating in river clean-ups, we are aligning our our actions with our intentions and being our authentic selves… Share it boldly & create habits from the things that make your heart soar.”

This week in “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan shares the battle of Whining Monster vs. Angry Monster. And guess who one thanks to the help of music and a song…

What are the nuances of this complicated thing called love? On the heels of Valentine’s Day, Logan shares 20 ideas of love this week in her column, “Hindsight Parenting: Raising Kids the Second Time Around.”

This month in “Just My Type: Raising a Child with Type One Diabetes,” Rebecca talks about her transition from a working professional to a stay at home mom (SAHM) so she can take better care of her daughter. Diagnosed with type one diabetes three years ago, Rebecca would choose to work 100 hours a week doing manual labor if it meant she had a healthy child at home… but for now she’s made the decision to care for her daughter… and in doing so, care for herself!

Here is a post from our archives written by Joe Kelly: “Valentine’s Day Tips for Dads and Daughters.” These tips will help fathers and stepfathers show daughters that they care on Valentine’s Day and beyond..

“The only shame I felt was how very long I allowed myself to believe that the only kind of worthy women are the social butterflies of the world,” writes Logan this week in her column, “Hindsight Parenting.” This week she shares how being “mother and daughter extraordinaire” tend to be “mother and daughter solitaire” for her and her daughter… and that’s okay!

This week in “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan shares the top five most misused words and phrases by preschoolers…

When Rebecca’s type one diabetic daughter declares she never wants to talk to her mother again after a morning tiff before school, she is left hurt and reflective on why the hurt emotions… everyday her daughter is in the care of others, a hard thing to allow when your child’s life can be at stake, and what if this day, the day the two parted on in disagreement, was a day her fears actualize? The sweetness of a marshmallow heart helps soften the anxiety and mend the mood…

“I have to admit that with all the time I have put into being a constructive person, it is still overwhelming at times the amount of work that I have ahead of me,” writes Logan this week in “Hindsight Parenting.” Realizing that being constructive means that reclamations will be constant and infinite, Logan shares how her constructivist’s attitude as influenced her own daughter to never give up and to always keep trying. Read on…

Let’s talk bedtime… What time does your child go to bed, and what is their age? Many parents struggling with bedtime routines with their young children wonder how other parents manage and what time they turn off the lights. Pulled from our archives, here’s what our readers had to share…

When the Christmas tree hits the floor and tinsel and ornaments go flying, there’s not much to do other than up the pieces and put it all back together again. This is a metaphor Rebecca uses to lift herself up as she tries to put the pieces of a “normal” life back together for her family this month in “Just My Type: Raising a Child with Type One Diabetes.”

“It’s time to dispel the myth once and for all that being a parent is always and forever fulfilling and transcendent,” writes Logan this week in a raw and honest post to her column, “Hindsight Parenting: Raising Kids the Second Time Around.” “Being real about parenthood both the good and the bad can only be a positive thing because there is nothing better than finding yourself in someone else’s experiences…”

Some children are fine with the upheaval that happens during holiday celebrations, but if your child tends to be a bit more sensitive, make sure you plan more than the meal. This month in “Time to Talk,” Kathy give strategies and suggestions on how to add structure and language learning to holiday celebrations with a little planning…

Is education, communication and an expectation of responsibility around alcohol more useful in keeping our kids safe than raising the legal drinking age? Shana shares her thoughts this month in “Parenting Possibilities” and invites readers to share their thoughts too….

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